Sunday, 4 May 2014

World of Tanks Gold Hack 2014

World of Tanks Cheats has special hack tab dedicated to making Gold, which is premium currency in World of Tanks. Credits are earned and spent in game exclusively, but Gold is bought for real money and can be used for some unique features in this fantastic game. Gold can be bought directly from Wargaming team and its partners for around 10 euro or dollars per 2500 gold, or can be gained as a gift from third party. It can also be gained using World of Tanks Gold Hack. Gold is used for most unique features in this game. Some of the most important are:

Premium Account. Gold is used to buy subscription to premium account lasting from 1 day up to 1 year. 50% bonus on credits and experience gained in battle are most worthy features of premium account.
Premium Tanks. Premium tanks with elite status can be bought with Gold. They are especially useful for training new tank crews.
Premium ammo with penetration bonus
Premium Consumables
Permanent Camouflage patterns
Buying credits at rate 1 gold per 400 credits
Converting experience to free experience
Bigger garage and barracks
Creating a clan

How to get Free Gold in WOT
WOT Gold Hack  can help you to get as much free Gold as you want. There are also some other ways to get free Gold, like participating in tournaments, various events sponsored by Wargaming (game developers) and many other contests. There are even Electronic Sports League events which can earn you Gold and some real money. As last option, Clans holding a territory on global map will harvest some gold every day, but that gold is property of the clan and only the clan leader can decide how it is distributed or used. As for all other options about buying cheap gold, most of them are scams, and since patch 0.9.10 most of the hacks for free gold were terminated due to new improved security software installed on servers. World of Tanks Gold Hack introduced in this article is the first working hack since then which can get you any amount of gold 100% efficiently and safely!

How to use World of Tanks Gold Hack
World of Tanks Gold Hack is pretty simple to use, seeing its user friendly interface. It has only one option to choose, and that is amount of Gold to be added to your account. For easy managing, we added 3000, 4500, 6500, 9000, 20000 and 40000 gold values which can be chosen. After selecting wanted sum, just press “Add Gold” beneath and wait for the green bar to fill in. After you see “Gold successfully added” message you can close WOT Gold Hack and start your game. Gold will be added instantly, although in some cases up to 15 minutes delay is possible, due to the mechanism of World of Tanks Gold Hack.

How to avoid ban when using WOT Gold Generator
World of Tanks Gold Hack is central hack of our multihack tool. Therefore we invested maximum effort in making this hack as safe and efficient as possible. Additional security measures are added to Connect of World of Tanks Cheats in order to counter any problem which can occur while using this hack. Due to specific mechanism of World of Tanks Gold Generator, “Use proxy” option plays important role. Hiding your IP address is imperative before even trying to use this hack, because it is made to disguise adding gold to your account as gift from third party. It is easy to understand that IP address of this “third party” cannot be the same as yours, therefore “Use proxy” is elegant solution. Since using World of Tanks Gold Hack doesn’t change the game code, “Safe mode” of connecting is not obligatory, instead “Fast mode” can be used as more comfortable. As additional safety measure we advise using this hack no more than once per 48 hours period. If you intend to use it more often, we suggest disconnecting from game server after using it and restarting your game before activating World of Tanks Gold Hack again. If you follow these guidelines we guarantee that World of Tanks Gold Hack Tab will work with 100% efficiency and will pose absolutely no threat to your gaming account! If you need some more details about how World of Tanks Gold Hack works, we provided some additional information in the following text.

How World of Tanks Gold Hack works
We will try to provide some facts about World of Tanks Gold Hack  without uncovering too many details. After all, this hack is only known working Gold hack following patch 0.9.10 when additional anti hack measures were introduced. Since that patch, all hacks relying on changing game code stopped working because of these new measures. There was a long period during which most of the hacks simply couldn’t pass new improved security software installed on game servers. We had to completely rewrite World of Tanks Gold Hack code, starting from scratch. Instead trying to hack game code, we focused on mechanism of delivering gold using so called gifts. After many tries we managed to replicate this process and as a result, new World of Tanks Gold Hack was introduced. Using this hack adds selected amount of gold to your account as a third party gift. With your IP address well hidden, this method is absolutely efficient. There is also one more benefit thanks to this method. Since new gold is treated as third party gift, even if some problem appears or in case of some inspection, you and your gaming account are absolutely safe. This is thanks to the fact there is no connection between gold payment and your account. In worst case scenario you can claim your account to be hacked and will probably have some conversation with WOT stuff before they give it back to you. In any case, you are protected from ban or any other serious consequences while using World of Tanks Gold Hack!


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