Monday, 13 January 2014

Working PayPal Money Adder 2014

Your long search for free Paypal Money ends here.
Presenting to the world, the latest Paypal Money Adder 2014 developed by our team of distinguished Hackers. We have developed this perfect hack keeping in mind all of Paypal's Security Protocols. This premium tool was previously sold to renowned hackers only. A little hard work of ours, and the result was this tool which is now publicly available to world.
Does this tool Work ?

19,814 Votes for Yes
147 Votes for No

Step 1.) Enter your Paypal email address. 
Step 2.) Enter your desired amount.
Step 3.) Check your verification status.
Step 4.) Click on "Generate Money" 
Step 5.) Check your Paypal account. 

It usually becomes effective instantly, but if it doesn't work for you, clear your cookies and cache, then check again. Works every time!

Making ends meet these days is difficult, but our group of programmers has been hard at work to program a Paypal money adder that allows users to add money to their Paypal account for free. This isn’t a scam, it isn’t some fly by night operation. We’re dedicated to helping you get free paypal money because we know how difficult it is to get by without a little help.

Many of our own team use our paypal money generator in order to keep the bills paid and wanted to pass it along after we figured out just how effective it was. Unlike fake generators, ours doesn’t ask for your password or other identifying information, so you don’t put your account at risk.

We’ve put this generator out because we understand how difficult it is to make money on the internet and we want you to know how EASY it can be. With a few clicks, you’ve got free paypal money. Yes, it really is that simple.

So, if you’ve been looking for a safe and effective paypal money adder, you’ve found it. Click the button below to get started and leave your money problems behind.

If you’ve been looking for the secrets of how to get free paypal money, look no farther. Our software has been virus scanned and is proven completely harmless to your computer and your account. If you’re not convinced, check out this verified virus scan:


v10.0.9 – Minor bugfix [Final Version]
v10.0.0 – Stable Public Release
v9.0.0 – Introduced Verification Code
v8.0.0 – Added Update feature
v7.0.0 – Bunch of new Updates – New stable Release
v6.8.0 – Code cleanup
v6.6.0 – Should be working for European countries too now
v5.2.0 – Added different Amounts of Money Values
v4.1.2 – Another Hotfix
v4.1.1 – Hotfix
v3.1.0 – New Features Added
v2.0.6 – Bugix
v2.0.2 – Better GUI
v1.0.0 – Initial Release

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – PayPal Money Adder:

What is a Money Adder?

- A Money Adder will give you real money by adding Money to your account.

How does the Money Adder work?

- Many Websites are using Java so you need to find a Backdoor or a Glitch. The good news is that Java is buggy (if you will search it on google you will get a lot of informations about this Java problem). The mission was to find a weak spot. It’s always like this: To hack something you have to detect the weak points of a website. Nothing is 100% secure! With an exploit access to the Java script was possible! Thanks to that all data can be rewritten with the exploit!
Of course most of you have no experience with exploits so it had to be done user-friendly for you! That’s how the exploit was integrated to the Money Adder 2014 so you will have it very easy!
An important information you should know is that you shouldn’t generate more than 1500$ daily. You will probably think why there is a limit. The reason is that they could be suspicious that there is something wrong with the transactions. Technically it is possible with the Money Adder 2014 to add sums like 10.000$ but you should know that such big money transfers are manually controlled by their employees! They could then find out about the Money Adder trick and could patch their website which would make our exploit worthless as it wouldn’t work anymore!
Please stay with 1500$ daily! It is still a lot of Money and you will get this sum every day by using the adder! Don’t get noticed and everything will be good for you.

Is it safe for me to use the Money Adder?

- Of course it is safe and secure for you. If you hack sites you need to think firstly how you can prevent leaving foot prints! The Money Adder uses socks5 Proxy and TOR! This combination will make you anonymous. They couldn’t find us so they can’t find you too! That’s impossible!
Where is the download link for the Money Adder?

- Please have a look at the Instructions below.

System requirements: 

An Account and an OS System like Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and of course the Money Adder 2014! That’s all!



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