Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fileice And Sharecash Downloader

Fileice And Sharecash Downloader is our creation that allows you downloading files from PPD sites, bypassing the survey and using a direct link generated ad-hoc. The Downloader cannot be detected so you can use it when you want.When we started coding it we thought “the challenge is hard”. Luckyly it wasn’t so we easily coded the first version of this downloader that is not well known, the “PPD Downloader  0.10“. It had a lot of bugs but at least it completed our target: download files from FileIce bypassing the surveys. Unfortunately one of the main bugs of the program was that it damaged the downloaded file making it useless. We worked very hard and finally, with the release of version 0.65, the downloader didn’t make a file corruption anymore.


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