Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ultimate Survey killer V1.0.0.1

Everyone today seeking for the best product to bypass survey easily. Here i am sharing my Own product to bypass sharecash and fileice survey.
The software is coded in VB.NETSupports all Window OS. For windows 8 I will update very soon.Supports elite proxiesSupports fileice and sharecash mirror files and auto generates download url.It uses premium download methodAuto navigate to premium download
Inbuilt Premium Account of sharecash and fileice.Auto Login premium accountOne click downloadAutosave Downloaded FileAuto delete cookiesAuto DecryptionManual update on request.

How It Works :

Just copy and paste the survey url in URL BOX
Click Go. By doing this it will navigate you to premium download option of sharecash and fileice.
After clicking your download details will appear as you can see in the snaps.
Simply click START DOWNLOAD and you are done.
Find your downloaded file in folder Ultimate survey killer by MetaPhase in Mydocuments.



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