Friday, 29 November 2013

New Java Script Released How To Bypass Sharecash Survey

First   of   all,   if   you   don't   know   what   is Sharecash,take a look at It's a file hosting website who pay you to   upload   files.That   mean,every   time   when   someone   will   download   your   files you will get paid. How much? Depends from where are coming  your visitors.If they    are   from   USA,Canada,UK  you   get  $0,60    per   download.For others countries     you   get  between     $0,12   and   $0,30   per   download. Ok,let's  start working. 

Do you want to complete the Surveys Easily? Then this Javascript Code is for you..!!Step 1.) Go to the
Sharecash link you wish to download.

Step 2.) Select anyone Survey (Ya you can select any survey).

Step 3.) In the Address bar of the New opened window type the Javascript Code
Step 4.) Press Enter, wait for the Survey to unlock.

Step 5.) Hurray, we completed the survey and the file will be unlocked.

Step 6.) Please dont forget to Comment on the blog.

Note: This JavaScript might not work in Some Countries.


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