Friday, 18 October 2013

Dll Fixer Full Version Free

Dial-a-fix brings a set of tools to repair Windows problems regarding certain aspects of Windows Update, security, COM / ActiveX object or registry entries. The application does all of these on all 32-bit versions of Windows prior to Vista (98 to XP / 2003). It aids users of all levels of computer knowledge in the process
of specific problems resolution.The program doesn't require any installation and once you open it, the simple-yet-a-bit crowded interface shows up on your screen. Its five sections are clearly delimited and they're even marked with numbers to point out the recommended step-by-step procedure.


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  1. I really hope that there are no surprises with the activation. Often there are similar software for free, which then find pitfalls. After that, I go back to the manual replacement of files. First download and then has replaced. I'll let you know when the software will check for any surprises.

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