Friday, 6 September 2013

Zbigz Premuim Account Generator

Hello Friends!
After Working Hard, Our Team Proudly Presenting A Unique Elite Premium Account Generator for

It's A Tool Which Convert Your Free Zbigz Account To Premium Account For Free!

How it's work :-
Because of Zbigz's non secure servers and bypass-able network firewalls, our Experts hack it and made this tool.
This tool just find Unique premium coupon code from Zbigz's database and generate it for your account than you can use this generated coupon code in your free zbigz account and make it to Premium account.(As shown a proof in Video)

Limits :-
1. This tool generate only one month Coupon code for each account,and you can generate new coupon code next month :D !

2. You can only generate coupon code for one zbigz account only which you inter first time in tool.
we have set this Limitation for stopping bad uses of over tool like selling premium accounts etc                                                         

                                                                    Video Proof 

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