Friday, 20 September 2013

Credit Card Generator

The credit card numbers you generate on this page are completely random. When we say they are valid, we merely imply that they are a possible combination of characters which will validate when passed through the MOD 10 algorithm. You can also generate valid credit card numbers for specific Issuing Networks by utilising their particular prefixes. However, we do not provide you (obviously) with the correspondent verification code for these cards, as they are completely fake and made up randomly.

To be completely clear and spell this out, these fake credit card numbers should not be used to try and purchase stuff. They merely respect guidelines of a valid credit card number. I advise you not not to try to use these for any actual transactions, only for testing purposes! In order to complete a purchase a combination of data must be had, and merely a card number is not enough. Information such as expiration date, card holders name and CVV Numbers. Merely typing a valid credit card number into a form is not enough to purchase anything and you should not attempt to.
Read more about CNP transactions and how you need more information about a card to make a purchase remotely. We do not condone nor support fraud.

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